Weight Loss in Yorkville, IL


Our physicians will work with you to develop a nutrition recipe that meets your weight loss goals and fits into your daily schedule.    We provide you with numerous sample meal plans which supply you with an exact calorie intake through the use of both meals and meal replacements.   We also educate you on the importance of small frequent meals consisting of a balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat intake.   We are excited to find a diet prescription that you can maintain for life.


Both of our bariatric physicians are well educated and trained in exercise physiology. We can tailor an exercise regiment based on your initial fitness level.  We also have  partnered with area health clubs and personal trainers to offer you the most comprehensive exercise prescription.  We will teach you the importance of both cardiovascular and resistance training in reaching your goals and maintaining your healthy lifestyle.


With our experience as board certified Physicians, we offer our patients the most effective and safe prescription bariatric weight loss medications.  We will perform a screening physical exam, laboratory evaluation and EKG with your initial visit.  Based on these findings we will determine if the prescription is right for you.  The medications can assist in appetite and portion control.  It can give you that extra assistance you need in adopting a new healthy lifestyle.

Lipotropic B12 Medication

A Beautiful You is proud to offer B12 Lipotropic injections to our patients to help maximize your weight loss.  Lipotropic injections can be used as part of our comprehensive weight loss program.  They can also be administered weekly by themselves as a fat -burning additive.  We see better results among patients who engage both the weight loss program and the injection regiment.  The weight loss program, with its physician visits and prescribed appetite suppressants, works to enhance the efficacy of the B12 injections.

Contact us to schedule your appointment to discuss weight loss, Epionce products, hair removal, or any of our other services. We proudly treat patients at our offices in Yorkville and Sandwich, Illinois.