What is Radiesse®?

This injectable filler gel is used to fill out wrinkles, smile lines and
"parentheses" lines around the nose/mouth area.  It stimulates the
production of collagen in your skin.  This helps your skin rebuild itself,
and look more youthful for a longer time.  Radiesse® is easily injected, and 
usually requires fewer treatments to achieve desired results.  Radiesse®'s
benefits may last for one year, or longer.  Click here to learn more
about Radiesse®.

How is Radiesse® administered?

Anesthesia is typically not required.  Your doctor will inject the Radiesse® gel 
into your skin at the appropriate areas.  The gel is composed of microscopic,
smooth calcium hydroxylapitite (CaHA) microspheres.  These are suspended
in a water-based gel carrier.  Upon injection, the gel and the microspheres
form a platform to stimulate collagen production and encourage tissue growth. 
A treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Am I a candidate for Radiesse®?

Complications appear to be minimal.  There is a rare risk of the appearance of
nodules at the injection site.  These might require steroidal treatment or
surgical procedures.  Speak with your doctor at A Beautiful You to learn more
about Radiesse® and how it might work for you.