thumbnail2What is Juvederm™?

This gel filler is designed to smooth out smile lines, those "parentheses"
lines around your nose and mouth.  From the creators of Botox, Juvederm™
consists of hyaluronic acid.  This naturally occurring substance is injected
into designated areas around the mouth to fill them out. Your skin's volume
will be restored, and you'll look more youthful.  A typical treatment lasts
approximately 30 minutes.  Its beneficial effects may last as long as
six months. Click here to learn more about Juvederm™.

How is Juvederm™ administered?

Tiny injections will be made at the appropriate areas, and your
doctor will massage the gel into the skin to insure its proper location.
You will not need anesthesia. Because the injections are so small,
anesthesia is typically not required. You will be asked not to take aspirin or
non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) for at least a week before your
treatment.  This will reduce the risk of any bleeding or bruising at the injection
site.  You will also be consulted regarding any prescription medicine allergies
you may have.

Am I a candidate for Juvederm™?

Juvederm™ works well for many people.  However, you should not consider
Juvederm™ if you have multiple severe allergies or a history of anaphylaxis. 
You should also not receive Juvederm™ injections if you have a history of
allergies to gram-positive bacterial proteins.  Patients on immunosuppressive
therapy may have a greater risk of infection.  If you have undergone laser
treatments or chemical peels, you will need to wait several weeks before
receiving Juvederm™ injections.

Juvederm™'s safety for use with pregnant or breastfeeding women has not
yet been established.  People taking a regular regimen of medications, such
as aspirin or ibuprofen, may experience additional bleeding at the injection site. 
Ask your doctor at A Beautiful You if Juvederm™ is appropriate for your needs.